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5 Fall Fashion Must Haves…

Posted by MomOf2Boys On September - 15 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

I really like the show TLC Show ‘What Not To Wear’… Funny, where’s the show when you need them… he he he… especially around fall season. Hello PEOPLE… You can’t stretch Summer into Fall!!! Well, you can try all you may, but it just AIN’T RIGHT! Ya hear me!!! It Isn’t Right!!!

Smile… speaking of such, here are my 5 Fall Fashion Must Haves that are strictly for the fall and no other season but the fall…

1. Nice pair of leg hugging boots… Medium Brown is the best color… with matching purse
2. Gotta have Accessories…
3. A not so busy sweater…
4. A Knitted cap w/ scarf…
5. A wonderfully snug pair of jeans…

Now, what I do with these items is simple. I mix and match them with my current wardrobe, but I make sure that this staple is accessorized my by current giddy-up. Smile… hence is the purpose of spending like crazy in the mall, don’t buy them to ALL be worn together. Make the items last longer by introducing them to the rest of your fab fashion…

Needs more ideas? What to know what others have on their 5 Fashion Must Have List? Click here and find out!

Okay, so you’ve come up with a few ideas as to what you want to get for yourself… click here to find out what malls near you are having giving away merchandise at rock bottom prices…

Achieving High Style at Value Prices…

Posted by MomOf2Boys On September - 11 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

Call me crazy, but you better finish the sentence by adding ‘Like a Fox’ on the end of it… He he he…

I don’t know about you, but these hard economic times call for adjustments and evaluations. I’ve adjusted my shopping a little as it pertains to where I shop and when i shop their, hence, I am able to better evaluate my shopping situation. And wouldn’t you know it, it allows me to be a little more selective about the products that I buy.

For instance, there’s nothing wrong with shopping at Target, JCPenny’s as well as the Gap. But I bet you didn’t know that the Gap has items on clearance from time to time that beat out the savings that you’re able to acquire at these other stores.

Now, some say that the best day to shop is on Wednesday. I don’t really know about that. I prefer getting to know the store clerks on a name to name basis. As soon as I hit the door, they know that I am shopping for my 1yr old and my 11yr old and they know how my 11yr old prefers his jeans and shirts. From the moment I hit the door, they know I am looking for the best merchandise and for a reasonable price. Oh! And trust me, though it may be ALL ABOUT THE SALE for that particular moment, GAP clerks know that their brand has power.

The clerks know that their clientele are looking for that GAP name as well as that price that bridges the gap between them and let’s say Target and or Sears.

So, what does this have to do with Achieving High Style at Value Prices? Everything!!! Shop where you feel comfortable, but remember the bottomline. Don’t be afraid to shop at certain and particular stores because when they have sales, they often time beat out the regular run of the mill around the block stores in a heartbeat.

Oh! And don’t be afraid to shop online. Often time you can great deals online for items that the store either no longer or can’t stock.

Be a smarter and more stylish shopper during these hard times. Come on! You can do it! Oh! And to help you out, here are a few links you are going to want to USE!!!!

Click here to get the exclusive 10% off coupon

Find your local Gap Store.

Follow Gap Outlet on Twitter @gapoutlet

No Obama Speech To Be Heard At His School…

Posted by MomOf2Boys On September - 9 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

I said a prayer this morning. I didn’t want to believe or think that my child’s school would censor my child and or any other children from hearing the POTUS’ speech today, but it happened. And You Know What? I got PISSED and called up his school.

1st I was told that the message was recorded and if the teachers so fit, they would incorporate his speech into their lesson plan, however, before such were to even take place, permission slips would be sent home. I am thinking, are you friggin serious. My child doesn’t need permission to hear the POTUS tell him how important it is for him to do his best in school and to ensure that he graduates and what not. What I need is for the school to get some balls and to tell me when and if they aren’t planning on allowing my child to listen to the POTUS speak so I can him from school so he can view the speech.

Just like the crazy GOP doesn’t want a Blackman telling their children how important school is… and how they don’t want to be reminded about the POTUS’ history and how he go to where he is… I don’t need anyone censoring my child from seeing successful Blackmen; ESPECIALLY when the ULTIMATE successful Blackman is addressing him and the other children in the nation on the importance of their education.

Funny, the school allows aimless individuals to come into the school and to speak with the children without sending parents a note home informing them of such. I don’t know these people from the man on the damn moon and they want to parade endless strangers in front of my child. I don’t care if their message is the same as the POTUS’. I don’t know them. They could have a criminal background for all I know… They could be pedophiles… Their record could have been altered by some crazy ass judge in order for them to gain gainful employment… I don’t know those people… BUT I do know the POTUS and I don’t have one friggin issue with him addressing my child…

Oh! back to the story. I was then told that the children didn’t get the chance to see it, but it was taped. The reason being was because some children had lunch… UmMmm! From what I understand, there are monitors throughout the cafeteria. Why couldn’t they view it while they had lunch… Oh! I forgot… parent’s need to sign permission slips for their child(ren) to hear the POTUS speak to them…

Can You Say Stupid Politics… These nutcases are allowing politics to drive them when it comes to educating my child… but they don’t want the POTUS to speak because he going to brainwash children into being successful…

Please excuse my language, but what dumbasses are they!?!?!

You’re A Jerk…

Posted by MomOf2Boys On September - 9 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

1st off, my 11 yr old has no rhythm what so ever, however, some how and some way, he’s managed to pick up this dance… HmMmm! Interesting… I don’t know if I should be shacking my head or smiling…

But you know what, he’s not much into music either… So I guess he’s earned his ghetto pass with this one… not that we hang out in the ghetto… but I’m just saying… Now he doesn’t have to rely on me remembering to bring mine if and when we should venture into that side of town… he he he he he….

School Doesn’t Give Enough Homework

Posted by MomOf2Boys On September - 9 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

I don’t know what the deal is with these schools now a days. But what I do know is, I DON’T LIKE IT!

What the hey is up with my son’s school not handing out homework? They assign the children homework, however, they allow them to finish it up at school. This is totally unexceptionable to me. Homework is for home, while school work is for school.

How the hell else are children supposed to learn the value of being self reliant, responsibility, paying attention while in class and doing the best they can do when they aren’t given homework.

Oh! And the other trend is that the children in my son’s district do not bring homework home over the weekend. WoW! This sounds like a complete stash of crap if you ask me.

Too bad for my son’s teacher. I am a very involved parent and she is not going to enjoy having me around. Not only do I want him bringing home his books over the weekend, he’s going to be doing some work over the weekend as well… and if she doesn’t allow him to bring them home, cool. I want the next to the best thing. She needs to spell out what he’s covering right now and what he will be covering for the following weeks so I can home school him… that way I WILL know that he’s getting the lesson.

This is how I was brought up (that I had to do 3 times as more work to be seen as equal to my white counterparts) and I don’t see how such has changed for minority children today.

>>> No wonder American children are failing and falling behind other nations when it comes to graduating and succeeding in life, they aren’t expected to do homework. The teachers are simply teaching the children how to pass the grade level exams… screw being the best you can be and being encouraged to go beyond what the teacher’s lesson plan dictates…

Labor Day Weekend : Putt Putt Golf

Posted by MomOf2Boys On September - 6 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

About a month or so ago, me and the boys went to Sam’s Club (on a Friday) looking for some fresh shrimp and catfish, except the fresh seafood lady wasn’t it. BUT what we ended up with was some discount tickets for Putt Putt Golf (I had to break up the bowling. I think the 11yr old is a bit tired of it).

Anywho… so we went to the nearest Putt Putt Golf location to only find that though they did have a batting cage, they didn’t have any attractions. So we head out to the location out in Hurst because that’s the location the oldest wanted to go to.

Well, we get there and boy I should have known it was going to be packed. There were birthday parties all over the place. Children running around like lil’monkey’s out of their cage… it was really a site to see.

Well, unfortunately for the oldest, he missed being able to ride the big kid race cards by less than an inch… HmMmM! The Putt Putt dude could have let him on… come on… are you serious… LESS THAN AN INCH… Are you serious?

Anywho… the 11yr old opted for the Water Ride. The tickets we got from Sam’s was purchase one attraction get one free. It should have been more like… don’t purchase any tickets because the ride attendant isn’t one for following ticketing rules. The first ride he went on was free. The guy didn’t even ask for his ticket muchless check his wrist to see if he had an all day pass… But hey… today was his lucky day.

After riding the water ride and getting squirted at like mad crazy… and having water splashed on him, First Born decides he wants to check out the batters cage… Now why did he want to do this… and with me… My son knows that I am a very athletic person and that I am not one for wasting money…

For some reason, he conned me into believing that he was into the sport of baseball… heck, he has the bat, the mitt, the balls, the gloves… and the helmet… I thought he was a certified PRO at the sport… Boy wasn’t I fooled… He barely knew how to attack the plate… and to prepare himself for the ball… Needless to say, we are going to have to work on his batter’s stance… Heck, one never knows when it may come in handy… especially with bullies popping up all over the place…

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