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7 Year Old Little Girls Gyrating Isn’t Acceptable

Posted by MomOf2Boys On May - 14 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

7yroldsdancingI could ask what were the parent’s of these young ladies thinking as well as what was their coach thinking, but I believe it would be a waste of time & space… so let’s act like you didn’t read anything about asking them about such…

How about this… What kind of world do we live in where this is seen as appropriate dance move for a child under the age of 18? Yes I said 18!!! This type of ‘Dancing,’ for the lack of a better term, isn’t acceptable no matter the age of any child under the legal age of consent.

There’s absolutely nothing cute about a handful of young ladies ‘Dancing’ like grown adult women to a song that is again, for ‘Grown Adult Women’… (Single Ladies… Put A Ring On It… by Beyonce Knowles)…

Now, let me go on and say it… If my child was attending said dancing coach, her absence would probably be forgotten, however, given the light of attention, albeit negative, that these young ladies have received… I am sure that the parent’s wish that their child would have missed said contest…

7yroldsdancingAll I can do is SMH!… this video is a sad commentary on the morals and values of the world… First it was Brazil and its underaged Carnival Queen… now a whole handful of sparsely dressed, young ladies gyrating across a stage is in full view…

And people wonder why child molesters are attracted to children… and why they fantasize about taking advantage of them… where the child molester lacks the ability to socially maneuver his/her away around adults, small children who behave as adults is their next best thing… SMH!…

I’m not absolving them from their sick and abusive actions… I’m just saying… schit don’t help!!!


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