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Circuit City’s Having A Summer Blowout Sale!!!

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I get regular emails from Circuit City informing me of the sales their having from time to time… Some how and way, I must’ve signed up for their email service… Hmmm!

Anywho… Check it out… they’re have a pretty good sale… Click here to go to their site.




CCity-19inmonitor CCity-Touchscreenpc

CCity-Bonus Deals

Walgreens: June IVC Booklet

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The new Walgreens June Coupon Booklet will be available in stores next week. These coupons are valid 5/30 through 6/26, and they’re Walgreens store coupons, so they can be stacked with manufacturer’s coupons for even bigger savings:

$.50/1 Maxwell House, Wake Up Roast (34 oz.)
$1/2 Oreo Blizzard Creme (10.5 oz.) or Cakesters, (10.56 oz.) or 12 oz or Fudge Cremes, (8.5 oz.)
$1/1 Nestle Drumstick Lil Drums (10 pk.)
$1/1 The Skinny Cow Chocolate Cone w/Fudge, 4pk, 4oz ea or Vanilla Sandwich (6 pk.) or Truffle Bar (6 pk.)
$1/2 Mars Twix, Snickers or M&M Ice Cream (16 oz.)
$1/2 Naked Mighty Mango or Protein Zone 1 (5.2 oz.)
$1/2 Tropicana Orange Juice (12 oz.)
$1/4 Cadbury, Kit Kat or Hershey’s Chocolate Bar (3.5-4.5 oz.)
$3/1 Revlon Pedi-Expert (Excludes Pedi-Expert Shower)
$3/1 L’Oreal Couleur Experte or Preference Dream Blonde Hair Color
$5/1 L’Oreal 24 Hour Lash Boosting Kit
$2/1 L’Oreal Double Extend Lash Boosting Serum or Keratin Mascara
$1/1 L’Oreal Telescopic Liquid Liner or Mascara
$5/1 Maybelline Pulse Mascara
$1/1 Maybelline Great Lash, Volume Express or Lash Stiletto mascara
$10/1 Rogaine for Men or Women (3 pk.)
$10/1 Norelco Body Groomer, 6940 Razor or HS85, HQ55, HQ8 Replacement Heads
$5/1 Arm & Hammer Pro Clean Sonic Rechargeable Spinbrush
$1/1 Bio-Oil Skin Care (2 oz.)
$4/1 Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Gel (6 oz.)
$1/1 Hibiciens Skin Cleanser (8 oz.)
$.50/1 Aloe Touch Cleansing Cloths (48 pk.)
$1/1 OFF! or Raid Products
$2/1 Zippo Chrome or Black Matte Lighter
$5/1 Kodak Single Use Camera Powerflash (2 pk.) or Max Sport Waterproof
$3/1 Kodak 35mm Film (4 pk., 96 exp.)
2/$15.99 In-Store Photo Book up to 12 pages
$3/1 Salonpas Pain Relief or Arthritis Relief Patch (5 pk.)
$1/1 Beano Meltaways (15 ct.) or Tablets (30 ct.)
$1/1 Prevacid 24 Hour (14 ct)
$2/1 Benefiber Powder (6.4-16.7 oz.), Chewables (100 ct.) or Stick Pack (28 pk.)
$5/1 Os-Cal Calcium Supplement w/ Vitamin D (210 ct.)
$2/1 Pepcid AC or Complete (25 or 30 ct.) or Chewable (25 ct.)
$2/1 Zyrtec Tablets (14 ct.) or Liquid Gels (12 ct.) or Zyrtec-D (12 ct.)
$2/1 Nature’s Bounty Vitamin C & D3 (100 ct.)
$2/1 Nature Made Fish Oil with Vitamin D (90 ct.)
$2/1 Shiff Mega-D3 (90 ct.)
$3/1 One A Day Women’s Prenatal (120 ct.)
$2/1 I-Caps Areds Formula Soft Gels (120 ct.)
$2/1 Belly Bar Chewable Prenatal Vitamins (60 ct.)
$2/1 Lactaid Fast Act (32 ct.)
$2/1 Rolaids Soft Chews (24 or 36 ct.)
$3/1 Innerglowe Beauty Drink Mix (14 pk.)
$2/1 Finest Natural Cranberry Triple Strength Softgels (100 ct.)
$2/1 Alive! Men’s or Women’s Energy (50 ct.)
$5/1 L’il Critters Gummy Vites (190 ct.)
$3/1 Vitafusion Mutli Vites (150 ct.)
$3/1 Welless Calcium & Vitamin D (16 oz.)
$1/1 Vitafusion Calcium (100 ct.) or Heart One (60 ct.)
$8/1 Urinozinc Prostate Welness (90 ct.)
$15/1 Real Health Laboratories Prostate Formula (270 ct.)
$3/1 Finest Natural Reservatrol (60 ct.)
$2/1 Youthforia Anti-Aging, Reservatrol (500 or 250 mg, 60 ct.)
$2/1 Rainbow Light Prenatal One or Women’s One Mutli-vitamin (50 ct.)
$2/1 Bausch & Lomb PreserVision, Areds 2 Formula soft gels (60 pk.)
$2/1 Enzymatic Therapy (3o ct.)
$2/1 Natrol Esselence Classics Hair (50 ct.), Skin (30 ct.) or MaquBerry (60 ct.)
$15/1 i-flex Joint Relief (120 ct.)
$20/1 Focusfactor (60 ct.)
$3/1 Colace Stool Softener (30 ct.)
$2/1 ActivOn Arthritis or Ultra Strength Joint & Muscle (2 oz.)
$2/1 Ivy Block Lotion (4 oz.)
$5/1 Little Allergies Allergen Block .1oz or Chloraseptic Allergen Block (.1 oz.)
$2/1 Gentle Naturals Tummy Soother (4 oz.), Eczema Baby Wash (5.5 oz.) or Cream (4 oz.)
$5/1 Compound W Freeze Off or Palantar (8 pk.)
$1/1 Bleedarrest (5 strip)
$2/1 Mineral Ice Pain Relieving Gel (8 oz.)
$1/1 Azo Cranberry (50 ct.) or Urinary Disk Relief (30 ct.)
$5/1 Dexatrim Max Daytime Appetite Control or Complex 7 (60 ct.)
$3/1 IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test
$2/1 Traditional Medicinals Organic Smooth Move Stimulant Laxative Tea (16 pk.)
$2/1 Florastor Probiotic (20 ct.)
$2/1 Nepro Vanilla Nutritional Drink (4 pk.)
$10/1 Omron Automatic Arm Blood Pressure Montior
$2/1 Pill Glide Swallowing Spray Strawberry or Grape (1 oz.)
$10/1 Medline Bath Bench
$10/1 Medline Raised Toilet Seat w/Arms
$10/1 Medline Transfer Bench
$5/1 W Listen Up Micro Personal Sound Amplifier
$10/1 W Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
$3/1 W Certainty Guards (52 pk.), Underwear (14–20 pk.), Shields (30 pk.) or Pads (30-72 pk.)
$1/2 W Nutritional Drink (6 pk.)
$5/1 W Coated Nicotine Gum (40 pk.)
$10/1 W Nicotine Gum (160 or 170 ct.) or Lozenges (108 ct.)
$4/1 W Probiotic, 5B CFU Tablet (60 ct.) or 20B Capsule (60 ct.)
$3/1 Wal-Mucil Fiber (320 ct.) or With Calcium (240 ct.)
$2/1 W Heirloom Fashion Eyewear Gold Chain
$2/1 Wal-dryl Allergy Mini Tablets (100 ct.)
$1/1 Wal-Zyr Children’s Allergy Chewable (12 ct.)
$2/1 Wal-Zyr Allergy (14 ct.)
$2/1 Wal-Zyr Itch Eye Drops (.17 oz.)
$1/1 W Saline Nasal Spray (3 oz.)
$2/1 W Triple Blade Shaving System or Cartridges (8 pk.)
You’ll find all of these coupons and many more listed in the Deal Seeking Mom Coupon Database!

Pick Your City… Pick Your Deal…

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Click Image To Go To The Site

Yep, its just that simple… ‘How Does It Work?’ You ask…

Answer: LivingSocial offers one fantastic deal every day with discounts of up to 90% at local restaurants, bars, spas, theaters, and more.

The Daily Deal : Each day, we send you one deeply discounted deal to use at local businesses. Sign up to get our daily email.

Click to Buy : Purchase our daily deals with one easy click. You will receive your deal the next business day. It’s that simple!

Share For a Free Deal : After you buy the deal, you’ll get a unique link to share. If three people buy the deal using your link, then your deal is free.

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Click Image To Print Coupon

Use this coupon to get a FREE full-size body care item (up to a $13 value) with any purchase of $10 or more at Bath & Body Works. Get something from their men’s line for the special dad in your life, stock your gift closet or pamper yourself!

This offer is also valid when shopping Enter coupon code FREEBODYCARE at checkout. Shop through Ebates for 3% cashback or ShopAtHome for 4% cashback. If it’s your first purchase through either site, you’ll also receive a $5 bonus by using these links!

Expires 6/10/10.

Thanks, My Sweet Savings!

If We Only Owned Stock In…

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stocksI was just thinking about all of the things that me & the boys use and was like… ‘HmMMm! What if we had stock in this or that…?’… How much would our daily lives be worth…

SOoOOoOo! Here we go… we’re going to keep track of our stock… and its value… Just off the top of my head… here’s a few product brands we use during an average week and their stock value as of today… I will check back every once in a while to give stock updates…

Skechers USA Inc $38.31
Nike Inc. $77.85
Wal-Mart / Sam’s Club $52.50
Target $55.07
JCP $29.63
Burlington Coat Factory $12.31
Dell Inc $15.55
Sprint Nextel Corp $4.46
AT&T Uverse $26.30
General Mills $73.60
Dollar Tree $60.03
Johnson & Johnson $64.67

7 Year Old Little Girls Gyrating Isn’t Acceptable

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7yroldsdancingI could ask what were the parent’s of these young ladies thinking as well as what was their coach thinking, but I believe it would be a waste of time & space… so let’s act like you didn’t read anything about asking them about such…

How about this… What kind of world do we live in where this is seen as appropriate dance move for a child under the age of 18? Yes I said 18!!! This type of ‘Dancing,’ for the lack of a better term, isn’t acceptable no matter the age of any child under the legal age of consent.

There’s absolutely nothing cute about a handful of young ladies ‘Dancing’ like grown adult women to a song that is again, for ‘Grown Adult Women’… (Single Ladies… Put A Ring On It… by Beyonce Knowles)…

Now, let me go on and say it… If my child was attending said dancing coach, her absence would probably be forgotten, however, given the light of attention, albeit negative, that these young ladies have received… I am sure that the parent’s wish that their child would have missed said contest…

7yroldsdancingAll I can do is SMH!… this video is a sad commentary on the morals and values of the world… First it was Brazil and its underaged Carnival Queen… now a whole handful of sparsely dressed, young ladies gyrating across a stage is in full view…

And people wonder why child molesters are attracted to children… and why they fantasize about taking advantage of them… where the child molester lacks the ability to socially maneuver his/her away around adults, small children who behave as adults is their next best thing… SMH!…

I’m not absolving them from their sick and abusive actions… I’m just saying… schit don’t help!!!


Free Tote Bag for Wii Fit Plus Customers

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wiifitpromoRegister your copy of Wii Fit Plus with the Wii Balance Board accessory at Club Nintendo and receive a free tote bag.

To get a tote bag, you must be a member of Club Nintendo. If you’re not yet a member, you can join today – it’s free and easy. Learn more and join at, then continue with these steps:

1. Log in to your Club Nintendo account.
2. Enter the PIN number found on the card inside the game packaging and complete the product registration survey that appears on the screen.
3. A screen will appear asking you to accept the tote bag. Click on “Send me my complimentary bag,” and complete the order process.

In addition to being eligible for the tote bag offer, when you register your Wii Fit Plus with Wii Balance Board accessory, you will earn 100 Club Nintendo Coins, which can be redeemed for exclusive rewards.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

* United States

Click Here to Get: Free Tote Bag for Wii Fit Plus Customers

Old Spice Odor Blocker Body Wash Sample

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oldspiceOld Spice Odor Blocker Body Wash provides you with guaranteed 16-hour protection.

In the shower, it banishes odors, sending germs down the drain. For the rest of the day, it fights pesky odor-causing elements in sweat, until all that remains is the fresh smell of victory.

Want to try out this new and innovative product? You can. Simply request a free sample at the Walmart website today.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

* United States

Click Here to Get: Old Spice Odor Blocker Body Wash Sample

Patriot Mini II – USB Flash Drive Giveaway

Posted by MomOf2Boys On May - 13 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS is a unique and fun web site that is dedicated to hosting Free Giveaways of the Most Popular Gadgets & Electronics without the hassle of signing up for accounts or sponsor offers. Enter to win a 4 GB Patriot Mini II USB Flash Drive. Good luck.


- Easy plug and play functionality

- Portable and lightweight (2.6 grams)

- Precious Aluminum Surface

- Retractable Cap-less USB Design

- Hi Speed USB 2.0 Compatible

- Backwards compatible to USB 1.1

- Driverless in Windows ME/2000/XP, Mac OS 9.x, OS X

- Driverless in Linux with USB storage support

- Two (2) Year Warranty

Ends 5/24/2010.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

* Canada
* United States

Click Here to Get: Patriot Mini II – USB Flash Drive Giveaway

$10 Betty Crocker Coupon Booklet

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bettyCStart discovering these exclusive member benefits in every free newsletter.

The Betty Crocker newsletter offers the latest in food ideas and tips. Take advantage of sharing with others.

The Dinner Made Easy newsletter will help you get out of the “What’s for dinner” rut with delicious dinners you can have on your table in just 30 minutes.

The Bisquick newsletter will help you whip up everything from dinner recipes to desserts with hundreds of tasty Bisquick recipe ideas.

Sign up today and receive an added bonus – a $10 Betty Crocker coupon booklet mailed straight to your home absolutely free. Start saving money today on the brands you love.

Click on one of the Betty Crocker banners once you’re on the site.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

* United States

Click Here to Get: $10 Betty Crocker Coupon Booklet

Energy Kit for PA FirstEnergy Customers

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firstenergyThe FirstEnergy Home Energy Analyzer is a simple, convenient tool you can use to save energy and money. Just follow a few easy steps stated on their website to gain a better understanding of your household energy use and identify ways to improve your efficiency.

* Analyze – Create a report on your home’s major sources of energy use
* Improve – Take steps ranging from improved weatherization to more energy-efficient lighting
* Learn – Identify possible steps to save energy – right now and over the long term
* Save – You’ll achieve savings through these and other improvements

All Pennsylvania customers who complete the Home Profile section of the Home Energy Analyzer will receive an Energy Conservation Kit.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

* United States

Click Here to Get: Energy Kit for PA FirstEnergy Customers

Free Factory Tours

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mapFactory Tours USA – 547 tours and counting. Their site celebrates American imagination and industry. What better way to appreciate those qualities than to visit and tour America at work. The information on the site is maintained by many people throughout the United States who enjoy visiting American industry.

Visit their website now to find out where you can tour factories for free in your area.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

* United States

Click here to find tours near you…

Free Goody Bag at buybuy BABY

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baby_FreeGoodyBagbuybuy BABY is committed to delivering an exceptional selection of products with an unparalleled commitment to customer service. Their stores are approximately 28,000 – 60,000 square feet and offer over 20,000 products to choose from:

* Nursery and children’s furniture including cribs, dressers, armoires, gliders, crib mattresses, bedding and accessories in addition to complete vendor catalogs of special order merchandise to compliment their in-store selection. They feature quality furniture from the industry’s leading manufacturers – AP Industries, Berg, Bonavita, Dutailier, Mother Hubbard, Natart, Stanley, Sorelle, Westwood Designs and much more.

* Infant and convertible car seats, booster seats, strollers, highchairs, pack-n-plays, swings, bouncers and all related accessories. Top brands include Baby Jogger, B.O.B., Britax, Bugaboo, Combi, Graco, Maclaren, Peg Perego, Phil & Ted and many more.

* Complete feeding, nursing, bath, health and safety departments along with everyday essentials including formula, diapers, wipes and lotions.

* Popular name brand toys, activity centers, learning and development products, along with a complete book and audio/visual department featuring a variety of educational and the latest entertainment CD’s and DVD’s.

* Clothing and accessories for preemies, infants, toddlers; from everyday basics to special occasion.

* Unique selection of ever changing seasonal items and holiday merchandise.

Start an online baby registry at buybuy BABY’s online website to receive a free goody bag full of great samples and a buybuy BABY coupon to help get you started.

Free goody bag only available in stores.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

* United States

Click here to get more information…

Free Photo Frame Key Chain

Posted by MomOf2Boys On May - 13 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS is a dog health information website where you can find out all about dog diseases, dog symptoms, and even ask the vet or ask the trainer your question. They also offer free product promotions. This week they are offering cute photo frame key chains, approximately 2 inch by 2 inch. The key chain is in the shape of frame bordered with doggie bones and a cute pup. You can insert your own dog’s
photo into the frame space.

Request yours now.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

* United States

Click here to get your free Key Chain…

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